Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Are you enjoing my torture?

What do you want from me? Do you want me to beg for mercy at your feet or do you enjoy seing my blood flood the tilw on the floor? I am cold and scared scars are all over my heart and my wounds are slowly broke me...compleately....why? You're a drug and a slow death at the same time you blind my senses and poison me with yourself...kill me already or set me free...I can't stand it anymore! What did I do so wrong to live in a world full of shit and hatred? To be tortured like a murderer and to be locked up like a prisoner? Kill me for I am a rabid animal...

Friday, 25 March 2011

Dear Whoever is up there

Hey,it's me the girl with nothing but herself...I want to ask you something....why? Why me? Why do I have to live with the fact that I never get what I want...I understand that I can't always get what I want...but please this one time grant my dead soul a wish...I wish for once to have what I feel like an important thing in this world not just a piece of trash blown by the wind of life....You know it is strange for people my age to think about death...but I do...I think about the moment I die and my funeral every single day...but of course not even my funeral won't be the way I want it to be because my destiny is upside down...because you exist...I blame you for this

Saturday, 12 March 2011


When I saw you I thought here is another guy and gave you no attention but you actually captivated me. You made me think I am someone important not just an ant in a million... You blind my senses make me weak when I am with you I leave my guard down, I am letting you know all my secrets and you don't even have to ask...I am feeling the need to retreat to go back into my cave and stay there for eternity but I can't , you closed all my ways back. I am in a world I don't know and I am blind...can you help me find the way or are you blinded by the darkness that surrounds my soul... I give into you ,I am tottally blinded...but like this I see so much more and I never wish to go back. I want to fly in this world of magic forever to live here till the day I die... To be blinded by you far longer than forever

Need for love?

Someone looked at me one day and told me how empty and shallow I was I told that person to go away for I do not need advices. Someone told me I am dark and evil and I will never change I told them I do not need to change for I like the way I am . Someone told me I am lonely and I need a mate , a partner that can understand me and feel my pain , someone who can stay by my side no matter what....that person left all by itself leaving me to think about it...does my dark cold heart need love , can it beat again in this chest? Do I need love to live? Or can I just survive?

The place where you can enter but you can never leave

You are a little human dancing around with joy and happiness in the middle of hell. What are you doing here? Who are you for real? Are you a demon in disguise or an anomaly in the middle of a perfect world? As I get inside your mind I see there is a place where love is blooming and everything is illusion that captivates me and puts me through incredible agony for I know I may never feel the sun on my skin or feel my heart beat faster for the one I love. I may be alone forever in this place where you can enter but never leave . Then I got are here forever and your memories are mine to feast of for I survive out of other people's happiness...I am a predator and you are my prey. Just like a deer in front of the headlights you stop as you see me circling you around, my eyes lusting for the mind you posses for your memory and soul. As i attack you scream in pain and die in a bloody pool...a pool of nothing but ash. Written by Crossberry June

Monday, 28 February 2011

Bloody dark book

Life is like a book it starts slow and without big events it continues with a little bit of action and then it explodes in a million problems and nightmares but the end it can be 2 ways the end in which you die in peace and the end where you are in a continous hell where fire red demons swarm around you ready to catch you. My book is different though at first is the same slow start but then it started to darken to become bblacker and blacker till it was rotten to the core then it started bleeding slowly bringing herself back to life. But to come to life you need to take another life so it took the part of my life that I needed most my happiness. The book of my life can never be read for it is sealed in bones so no one can ever open it without telling me if they can mend me or not...I am broken please fix me some way I want to live a normal book with cover bindings and white pages not the rotten dark book that is written in blood...Can anyone save me?


I am what you call a demon...a dark angel that comes and even though it is called evil it tries to make things right... In my crazy twisted life I mended hearts and souls that had been broken and of course everyone said it was an angel, something pure and white that helped them...they don't see that inside me there is a dark soul and a tainted heart, nothing pure or white. The darkness is the thing that makes me powerful and helps me gives me knowledge and skill. Pure angels are fake they are too innocent and childish to help and too get their hands muddy...or bloody... In life there are fakes that have to die and dissapeare forever for they are the evil that brakes the world into pieces the hate the anger the lust the fear and insanity are all creations of the pure ones. So am I the only one that sees the truth?